My first post on the new site!

I will be making some posts about how I put it all together and some other cool tips on setting stuff up. Along with any other techy stuff that takes my fancy. The basic break down is:

  • Site generator is Hugo.
  • The Theme I went with is Dream-Plus
  • AWS S3 is hosting the static site
  • Cloudflare free tier is doing CDN for me at the front end keeping costs down
  • I used AWS R53 to register the domain but CloudFlare as my name servers, free name servers are awesome.
  • Cloudflare gives out free SSL
  • Google gives out free analytics, also CloudFlare has great stats

So all in all my yearly bill for the entire site is roughly

  • $11 for domain registration
  • $5 for hosting in S3

I host a few sites in S3 and my monthly AWS Bill is $0.80 They are not high traffic sites, the cost would go up with more traffic, but only once I passed the S3 free tier.

All in all, it’s a really easy and cheap way, to get a site onto the internet with a little know-how.

Well, first post done! Thanks for reading.